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In a Nutshell

This is a puzzle came consisting of different animal puzzles.


The animals are shown in different environments. The sounds in this app typify the different environments and the animals. Toddlers can learn much about different animals, where they live and how they sound.


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Abby-Animal Preschool Shape Builder is a great App for toodler. The content and the graphic of this app are really child-friendly. Is is also free of commercial and it has no links to Social Networks like facebook.


Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Toddler (2-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: 22learn, LLC

Release Date: 13.05.2011

Reviewed Version: 1.2

Software Requirements: iOS 4.3. or newer

Plattform(s): iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Link to store: Abby-Animal Preschool Builder Puzzles

Price: Wählt aus zwischen: Kostenlose und Kostenpflichtige Version vorhanden

Language(s): English


  • Make
puzzle, hear,
  • Play


Nature, Geography, Animals

Detailed Review


This is a specific learn app. Children (preschool) can develop their fine motor skills, they get to know different animals, the environment they live in and their sounds. Not only the sounds but also the animals and their environment are presented in the right way. This App doesn`t give any help concerning the way to handle it, but the handling is so easy that parents and children don`t need any help.

Special Needs Hintergrund

This App is not designed especially for children with special needs. But it has options for individual changes with reference to change the complexity factor and children can also learn much about animals which appear in their real life.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Animal Preschool Shape Builder Puzzle is an unrated game. It is designed for toddlers (2-3 years). The toddlers can play this App without an adult because most of the instructions are explained and the rest of them are self-explanatory. The toddler is rewarded in different ways when he finishes one puzzle. First of all a monkey appears, that praises the child. This monkey also tells the animal`s name. Balloons, which the toddlers is told to pop by the instructor, appear in a final step.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

Of “Abby- Preschool Shape Builder” exists a version that costs (1.79€) and a free one. The free one includes only one setting with seven puzzles. The full version includes eleven settings with more than sixty-five different puzzles. The graphics and sounds are designed affectionately. Accordingly the design of the App is appropriate for toddlers.

Gender Hintergrund

Abby-Preschool Shape Builder Puzzle is attractive to all genders equally. The sounds, character and colors are gender neutral.

Usability Hintergrund

The game is very user friendly, easy to understand and simple to use. There is a specific “info” button for parents. When parents press this button they arrive to an explanation of the game. There is also an instructor that explains the toddlers what to do.

Social Media Hintergrund

Abby- Preschool Shape Builder Puzzle is not connected to the social media networks Facebook, Twitter and a Scoreloop community. There are no third-party plug ins, that influence the game or compromises the toddlers. Parents and toddlers are not asked for particulars.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

The free version of the App includes obvious advertising. The producer advertises other Apps he designed and also the full version of this App. The app version with costs includes no obvious and no hidden commercials.

Safety Hintergrund

The version with cots doesn`t have any safety-options but is also doesn`t need those options. This app was created especially for toddlers. So the producers did not add any Links to Social Media Websites or any kinds of advertising. The content is also child friendly. Using this App does not endanger toddlers. In the free version of the App things look different. Kids can tip on commercials. But purchases on the App Store are secured with a password, so children cannot buy apps without this information.

Reliability Hintergrund

When you search this App in the App Store you need to be careful not to confuse this App with “Animal Preschool Shape Builder”. The design and the name are almost the same. It is necessary to look at the first word in the name of the App to differentiate between this rated App (Abby-Prechool Shape Builder Puzzle) and the other one (Preschool Shape Builder Puzzle). The interests of the producer and the ambition are visible.

Privacy Hintergrund

There is a privacy policy that explains how the producer collects, uses and protects the users information. The parents can find this policy at the homepage of the producer (

Wow! Hintergrund

Although toddlers can discover different environments and different animals and their sounds, does this App not conform to the criterion for the Wow-Effect. There are no innovation and no special storytelling.

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