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In a Nutshell

An amazing and funny physics puzzle game!


Amazing Alex has a houseful of fun toys. With these toys and a lot of imagination, you can create amazing chain reactions to get the job done. You can turn anything into an adventure!


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A great App that can promote children's creativity and straight reasoning.


Learning while gaming - a great App!

Catalogue Data

Elementary School (6-10 Jahre)
Pre-Teen (10-12 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: Rovio Entertainment ltd.

Release Date: 1. Juli 2013

Reviewed Version: 1.0.4

Software Requirements: 2.1 or more

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: free version and premium version



  • Make
Puzzle, build
  • Play
Strategy; Learn; Puzzle


Hobby, Physics

Detailed Review


With this entertaing game the users can also learn a lot. The users must be active and be creative, to solve the different kind of challenges. The content of the app is correct, because he's based upon physical laws

Subjects: Sciene; Applied Computer Science
School Types: Preschool / Primary

Special Needs Hintergrund

"Amazing Alex" is not configured especially for people with special needs. The user has no option for individual changes of handling, but it's not necessary, because the app easy to handle.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

The app is developed for children, but can also be used by adults. Certainly there is no special area for parents. To fully understand the instructions, the children using this app should be 6 years and older.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

It's easy to download "Amazing Alex", but the users must be careful, because there is a free and a premium version. The different levels in the game are based upon a schoolboys life: the classroom, the backyard, the treehouse and so on. So the app has a high recognition value for children. All in all, the complexity factor is moderate and the users will be motivated through feeling of success.

Gender Hintergrund

The App is created for femme and butch user. Appearance, sounds, language and act are gender neutral.

Usability Hintergrund

"Amazing Alex" has no help button or tutorial at the beginning, but it's not necessary. After a few minutes dealing with the app, it is simple to understand and use.

Social Media Hintergrund

"Amazing Alex" is associated with the social media networks Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The access isn't secured, so children easily get connected with the internet.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

Unfortunately the app includes a lot of commercial elements. There are two types of advertising: for other games of the developper and for outside companies. Especially the advertising of the second type isn't suitable for children.

Safety Hintergrund

Aside from the commercials is the content of the app is harmless. But the app doesn't include special forms of safety precautions for children. So it's too easy getting connected with social networks or click on commercials.

Reliability Hintergrund

Already in the app store, the users can find the privacy policy and the end user license agreement. Furthermore there are links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the homepage of "Amazing Alex", where the users can get more informations. And it's also possible to contact the developer.

Privacy Hintergrund

Inside the app are links to the privacy policy and to the end user license agreement. However they aren't easy to understand for children. It should be interesting to know that personal data may be disclosed to third parties.

Wow! Hintergrund

"Amazing Alex" can boost childlike curiosity and animates to creative act. It's a very entertaining game for young and old.

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