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In a Nutshell

Cut the Rope is a puzzle-physics game created for the enjoyment of nearly everyone.


The main goal of Cut the Rope is to feed a little green monster named Om Nom, that arrives in a cardboardbox and has only one request - CANDY. The candy is secured to ropes which the player must cut to get the candy to Om Nom. There are several objects like bubbles, magic hats or discs and obstacles as electric fences and spikes build into the levels to entertain the user. While the player attempts to feed Om Nom, they try to collect three stars in each level.


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Cut the Rope is a challenging and highly entertaining puzzle game. It has simple rules, intuitive controls, and can be played in short bursts or blitzed through in a marathon gaming session. Although it is fun, it has a lot of commercial, data exchange with third-party partners and is not in every way suitable for children.


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Age target group

(Kindergarden (3-6) )
Elementary School (6-10)
Pre-Teen (10-12)

Key Data

Developer: ZaptoLap UK limited

Release Date: October 4th, 2010

Reviewed Version: 2.2.1

Platform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone,

Link to App: Cut the rope (iOS/ Android/ Mac/ PC)

Price: Free

Language(s): English, German, Russian, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, Dutch


  • Play
Strategy; Adventure-; Puzzle”
slide and tab, Think and move quick


Computer, Gaming, Science

Detailed Review


This is not a specific learning app as it has no certain learning content or learning goals. Cut the Rope is mainly an entertaining game with a side effect. It is a puzzle game consisting of different challenges in every level, with different themes in every segment, thus supporting logical, clever thinking, basic physics knowledge as strategic acting (i.e. at what angle and momentum must the rope be cut to lead the candy into the right direction).

Special Needs Hintergrund

The app is designed with very simple user controls but is not configured especially for people with special needs, so it has no option for individual changes of the handling.

Target Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Cut the Rope is an unrated game. It has no age limit or minimum age. On some websites and certain reviews there is a recommended minimum age of three. To fully understand the instructions and play without an adult, the recommended age is six as children must be able to read the text. Since the app is not only for kids but also for adults, there is no option for parents to change the game settings.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The app has a very unique design, is easy to download and is free. The particular appearance of the main character, the green monster Om Nom, has a high recognition value for children and adults. It is a fun game that entertains and challenges the player, adding new and exciting objects with the completion of each segment. Design, music and sound chime together very well. The reviews are mainly positive (on google play: 4.6 out of 5), over 300 million people downloaded the app and it won several awards.

Gender Hintergrund

Cut the Rope was created to be attractive to all genders equally. The sounds, character and colors are gender neutral.

Usability Hintergrund

The game is very user friendly, easy to understand and simple to use. There is no specific “help” button or tutorial, but there are several video explanations and other resources online. One flaw is the sensitivity of the touch pad while the user attempts to cut the rope at a precise point.

Social Media Hintergrund

Cut the Rope is connected to the social media networks Facebook, Twitter and a Scoreloop community. If the user clicks on the social network button or a "like"-button, the app is automatically connected to the social media platform via the internet. For example as soon as the app is liked on Facebook, Zaptolap has an option to receive certain Facebook account data like profile picture and personal information of the user. Therefore it is best to sign out of social networks before allowing the child to play the app.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

The app includes a lot of commercials, some of those are obvious and some hidden. There are commercials between some levels (pop-ups) and while you view your score. Most commercials are very inviting for children and directly linked to the selling homepage. There is also some advertisement of the Company, which leads to a website, where they sell Cut the Rope- and other Zaptolap-products and apps. The only way to turn off the commercials is by shutting down the mobile data connection, what is not very charming. The fact that there are commercials in this app makes it less attractive because it promotes a certain consumer buying habit to young children.

Safety Hintergrund

Because the app is not made specifically for kids, there are no added safety options. The child can easily click on commercials, purchase special features or connect to social networks. Thanks to google play, every buy over the store is secured with the individual google account password, so children cannot buy apps without this information. Another safety concern is, that users’ information is passed on to third parties. (Check Privacy).

Reliability Hintergrund

Cut the rope is a unique game followed by two sequels: 'Cut the Rope: Time travel' and 'Cut the Rope: Experiments'. The Russian developer, ZaptoLap, has a homepage where users can find important information about the company and games, as well as watch a video of the founders. It is possible to contact the company directly. [1]

Privacy Hintergrund

There is a privacy policy that explains how the company collects, uses and protects the users information. It is important to know that ZaptoLap shares information with third-party companies and social networks.

Wow! Hintergrund

Even though the app is very unique and loved by the users, it does not satisfy the criteria for the Wow-Effect!!! Blackberry MAC PC

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