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In a Nutshell

Doodle Buddy is a nice pastime and makes you a temporary creator.


"Doodle Buddy- Magic Paint Pad" is an finger-painting App with different colours, playful stamps and pencils. You can choose which drawing you want to save to your gallery or share with your friends on facebook, on instagram, whatspp and many more. You also can replay your drawing like a movie.


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This App is creative and entertaining with many different types of colours and drawing styles . It passes the time and can easily be used as a stress buster. It´s funny but could get boring after a while.


Can be addicting.

Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Toddler (2-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)
Elementary School (6-10 Jahre)
Pre-Teen (10-12 Jahre)

Key Data


Release Date: June 3, 2013

Reviewed Version: 4.1.6

Software Requirements: Android, 2.2 and up

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Link: Doodle Buddy - Magic Paint Pad

Price: free

Language(s): English


  • Make
draw, touch, swipe, stroke
  • Play
being creative


Fantasy, Magic, Creativity, Art

Detailed Review


This App encourages the users to be creative and to save their own drawings to a gallery. It's not specifically used at schools, as it is an App without certain learning goals. It's supporting creativity. For using this App there is no registration necessary and you can also use it offline.

Special Needs Hintergrund

This App does not refer to children/ users with Special Needs but some parents said that it´s a good App for autistic children. It does not relate to the real life of the users. Although there is no help function included in this App it´s fairly obvious how to use this App.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Children at the age of 4 and higher will probably not have a problem with designing the drawings and including all patterns and tools. Uncontrolled clicking, touching, swiping and stroking will add new patterns to the drawing. If the App is not used offline, uncontrolled clicking can also lead to advertising banners and commercial sides.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The App is easily downloaded and priceless. The start menu with it´s colourful design invites the users to start drawing. The users know how to use this App by intuition and can be very excited about the suprising patterns which come up by touching the pad. Unfortunately there´s no other function or element than drawing but the user has the possibility to create.

Gender Hintergrund

This App addresses all genders equally. With regards to content, design and language it is neutral. It does not represent a stereotypical thinking.

Usability Hintergrund

Doodle Buddy is constructed age appropriately but there is no help function or button which explains how to use this App. The navigation is simple but an explanation of the parents could be helpful befor using it the first time. The sensitivity of the touch pad can easily lead to commercial and advertising. There is no introduction, Support or exit button except the one of the phone.

Social Media Hintergrund

There is not button which connects you to social media applications. Nevertheless there is always the chance to share the drawings on facebook, via bluetooth, via email, via sms, whatsapp and other installed programmes.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

There are many advertisings popping up while drawing. By opening the App there appears a button called "more games" and several buttons to get to other Apps. A kid could easily hit the buttons or links. It is not easy to close the advertising which opens before you can create a new drawing because the "shut-down-button" is hidden.

Safety Hintergrund

"Doodle Buddy" can not be used offline. There are no tutorials or introductions. It says that everyone can Play this App- it´s not only for children. Kids can easily be forwarded to other webpages and stores to installe new Apps. There is no Information about the developer of this App to be found. The drawings can be sent to others on fb, whatsapp and other plattforms.

Reliability Hintergrund

There is no navigation or explanation on this App. Goals are not recognizable. It´s more for fun. Because of all the advertisement it´s highly doubtful that this App is appropriate for children. Purchase and Downloads can eaily be made and self- made contents can easily be shared.

Privacy Hintergrund

By using this App offline there are no Pop-ups and chances to get to other webpages (stores or advertisement). There is no data assessment before installing "Doodle Buddy".

Wow! Hintergrund

"Doodle Buddy" mainly covers the WOW- Effect. The user can be very impressed by all the colours and patterns at first sight. It awakes sudden enthusiasm and it lasts for multiple uses. The user can express certain measures of creativity, individuality and uniqueness. Parents and children are very delighted by the magic drawings.

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