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In a Nutshell

An app to learn letters and animals.


Animal names are pronounced for the children. The letters appear mixed up and they have to bring them in the right order.


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An introduction for toddles into the world of letters an animals. The children can hear and see the animal names and the individual letters and then they can try to spell the animal's name. With this app, kids can learn and have fun at the same time.


Hier ist Platz für eure Podcasts (toll wären Stimmen von Kindern zu der App) oder eure Erfahrungen mit der App.

Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Kindergarten 4+

Key Data

Developer: Learning Touch

Release Date: 11.03.2013

Reviewed Version: 1.0

Software Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: Android (free), iPhone (1,79)

Language(s): English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish



  • Make
puzzle, write, hear'

  • Play
Learn; Quiz; Words


z.B.: Nature, Language

Detailed Review


The app can be used in natural-scientific subjects in preschool. It helps children practise sounds and names of english letters. In addition children learn animals names and the way they are spelled.

Special Needs Hintergrund

This app has been designed especially for toddlers. With its 3 different levels of difficulty the game can be adjusted to the kids skills. He/she learns animal names and letters and can thus apply the acquired knowledge in reality.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

The app only contains drawn pictures of animals that are appropriate for children of 4 years +. The simple structure and operation of the app enable children to use them on their own.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The app can easily be found at the Play Store and is to be downloaded for free. The description is appealing and the colourful logo encourages the user to download the app.

Gender Hintergrund

The app "First Words: Animals!" is conceived in a unisex way. The design of animal pictures and the colour arrangement appeals to both, boys and girls.

Usability Hintergrund

There is no instruction manual provided for this app. Reading or speaking competences are not necessary. The operation as well as the intention of the game are easily understandable.

Social Media Hintergrund

There is no age control to download the app. Links to social media can not be found.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

There are ads or pop-ups in the app, which can disturb the child during the game. It’s possible that you will be forwarded to the sites when you press the button. Most of the ads are for adults.

Safety Hintergrund

At the App-Store users get an advice to the age recommendation from 4 years but not at the Play-Store. The description gives a short note in English about the contents and the learning targets of the app.

Reliability Hintergrund

There is a risk of confusion, because there are even other games with a similar name, as for example "First Words Animals-Kids”. The free version of the app (Android) includes 80 animals, which infants can get to know.

Privacy Hintergrund

The user don´t need to give personal data to download the app. The game can also be played in offline mode.

Wow! Hintergrund

With the app "First Words Animals" children on preschool and primary-school can not only learn, but also have a lot of fun. This learning app quickens children's curiosity and helps them develop an understanding for the connection between letters and words.

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