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In a Nutshell

Good to learn most fruits and vegetables, but to much advertisement.


With this app your children can learn the fruits and vegetables with flashcards by hearing the sound and seeing the pictures and how to spell the word. Also they can play a memory game with three levels.


Robots 2.png

This app has only two robots, because besides flashcards and the memory there is not more to play with for the kids. That could easily be boring and it is not worth, to pay 99 cents, only to have a few more fruits and vegetables to play with. Besides that, the app has to many options for kids to connect with social media or buy more apps.

Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Toddler (2-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: kidstatic

Release Date: 24.03.2013

Reviewed Version: 1.1

Software Requirements: 2.2 or higher

Plattform(s): Android

Link zur App: Fruits and vegetables (Androit)

Price: there is a free version, but the full version costs 99 cents

Language(s): English and German


  • Play the Memory
  • Read the flash cards and hear how you should pronounce the word



Detailed Review


This app can be used to get to know more fruits and vegetables. There is no log in area and you can play it offline. There is no possibility, to connect with others, besides facebook, where you need WLAN. This app can be used in preschools, but does not need the creativity of the young players.

Special Needs Hintergrund

This app is not intended for kids with special needs. There is the option, to play the memory in three different levels of difficulty.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

The app is good for preschoolers and the kids can learn the vocabularies of many fruits and vegetables. The kids don´t need any help from their parents except by klicking on some advertisement or the social media link connecting with facebook, to share your score. There is no parents-area in this app. If it is to much of an distraction, you can turn of the sound while playing the memory or looking at the flashcards.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

This app is very cheap and you can buy the full version for 99 Cents. But it is not necessary because there are only a few more words to play with. The level of difficulty can´t be adapt in several levels and so it is not very attractive any more, when you played the memory a few times. If the child could not find the right memory pair, it can play untill it finds the fitting card to it.

Gender Hintergrund

This app is not especially made for boys or girls. The voice that speaks the words is the voice of a woman, but this topic is important for young boys and girls.

Usability Hintergrund

The pictures from the flashcards are very nice and good for young kids to recognise the fruits and vegetabeles. There is also the option to turn off the voice, naming the fruits and vegetables on a menu item on the bottom of the welcome page. One negative item is, that the buttons are very small to klick on.

Social Media Hintergrund

With this app kids have the opportunity, to connect with facebook or get to the page where they find "more apps" to download. The users don´t have to log in with their personal details. The parents have to accept the app by logging in their mail account with their personal keyword.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

There are commercial elements in the app, like advertisements, facebook and in-app-buying. When you only get the free version you get the information of buying the full version everytime, you close the app. There are no pop-ups, that interrupt the game and the kids are not ask to give their personal informations.

Safety Hintergrund

The app doesn´t have inappropriate topics. The app can be easily found on google play. There is no parents area, where they can dicuss or get more informations about the app. There is no timer neither or the possibility to save your level. There also is no explicit end of the game.

Reliability Hintergrund

There are a few apps about fruits and vegetables for kids, so it is not very essy to find this app in the pile of so many apps. The publisher "kidstatic" also makes a lot more apps for preschoolers to get to know the basic vocabularies in English. With problems you can write the publisher an e-mail. They advertise with the expansion of the vocabularies and intelligence of the kids.

Privacy Hintergrund

To get the app on your smartphone you need your keyword for your e-mail account. The kids can send informations on facebook, so this task is not adequate for preschoolers.

Wow! Hintergrund

The WOW-factor is not very high in this app, because the kids can easily get bored by this game. It doesn´t make a great visual impact, because there is only the opportunity to play memory or look at the flashcards. The app doesn´t pique someone´s curiosity or creativity at all, because it doesn´t has a task to create something.

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