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In a Nutshell

Good Night Safari Playtime is a learning app for children, accompanied by some animals of the safari within six learning games.


Good Night Safari Playtime is based on the book-app Good Night Safari and includes six mingames accompanied by the characters of the book app, like Jacob the giraffe, Riley the rhino, Liam the lion, Emma the elephant, Zac the zebra and Mia the monkey. The learning games are including practicing shapes by puzzling, colouring the animals of the safari, discovering them with a flashlight, practicing memory skills and letters.


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Good Night Safari Playtime is an highly entertaining learning app for children with adorable design. Unfortunately it is only optimized for iPhone 5 & the iPad 2 (or higher). It's nearly unpossible to play the App on lower versions (e.g. iPhone 3GS) because it crashes very often. That is why the app gets four of five roboters unless it's got potencial to five roboters.


Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Kindergarten (3-6 years)
Elementary School (6-10 years)

Key Data

Developer: Polk Street Press LCC

Release Date: 11.06.2013

Reviewed Version: 1.1

Software Requirements: iOS 5.1

Plattform(s): iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 5, iPod Touch

Link zur App: Good Night Safari Playtime (iOS)

Price: with costs (1,79 €)

Language(s): english


  • Make
Music, puzzle, build, draw, write, hear, search, discover
  • Play
Learn; Quiz; Words; Adventure; Memory; Puzzle
  • Read:


Nature, Language, Animals, Safari

Detailed Review


Subjects: Lesen; Schreiben; Natur(wissenschaften); Musik; Kunst; Fremdsprachen
School Types: Preschool / Primary

Good Night Safari Playtime appeals to different sense perceptions, for example hearing sounds and watch the animals dance to some music and then repeat it by typing to the animals in right order with increasing level of difficulty. Or practicing words by helping the monkeys to put letters in the right place and hear the right pronounciation of the written word. The user can be creative by colouring the characters of the game with different colours and stickers to choose from. In all learning games (except colouring), the user gets three attempts and auditive feedback like try again oder good job. The app got it's own benefit system, where the child can choose between different stickers of animals or plants of the safari. With the aid of the stickers, parents can check which games are already played or how successfull their child is at them. Of course it's possible to learn english while playing the app, because the narrator speaks very clearly and slowly enough to easily understand what he says. The learning target is to success at all learning games and get to know shapes, aninmals, sounds, how to write etc.

Special Needs Hintergrund

Good Night Safari Playtime is not directed immediately on special needs. There is no explicit voice command or any further assistive tools. Only one game can be played creatively by colouring the animals. It's not possible to set the level of difficulty.

Target Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Good Night Safari Playtime is recommended for children at the age of 4 and older. The illustrations are appropriate for children and matched to the target group. Parents have got the possibility to sign up for an email newsletter, which is informing them about how and when the child plays the app and it's level of the learning process. Furthermore, the app has got an easy navigation structure, so that the child can play the app without specific aid of an adult.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The design, music and content are matched perfectly. The app is easy to find in the Appstore of iTunes and is located in the sector 'education'. It costs 1,79 € and there is no lite or free version available. The inherent book app 'Good Night Safari' is for free. In addition the app forgoes on disturbing commercial elements.

Gender Hintergrund

The app appeals to any specific gender because of the mainly equal distribution of the animal's gender (for example Emma the elephant, Mia the monkey, Zac the zebra & Jacob the giraffe)

Usability Hintergrund

The app has no specific tutorial for playing it's learning games but the narrative surrounding simplifies the comprehension of what to do. If the user fails at for example putting the right shape to it's place the narator tells him to try again. All symbols of guidance are well postioned and easy to find. Furthermore it is very important to play the app with an iPhone 5/iPad 2 or higher, because it's not recommendable for lower versions.

Social Media Hintergrund

The app contains no connection to social media networks.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

There are no commercial elements or pop up advertisements in the actual games. The App only advertises for other apps of Polk Street Press LCC and the user gets transmitted to the appstore by touching the symbols. Optimally this advertisement is located in the parents area, so that the hild has got no immediate access to it.

Safety Hintergrund

Good Night Safari Playtime contains no inappropriate or impairing content that could influence the user's safety. In addition informations regarding structure and content of the app are available in the are for parents. It's also possible to contact the developer by mail.

Reliability Hintergrund

for parents

The user is able to see any personally identifiable information the app has stored, such as name, email etc. The privacy policy is transparent to the actual users. The content is reliable and appropriate for children, because it's specifically made for children's interests.

Privacy Hintergrund

By starting the app for the first time, the user can enter a nickname for playing, which can be changed in the parents area of the app. The privacy policy can be checked on the website of the app developer, it is also linked and explained in the parents area within the actual app. The app collects no personal information from children under thirteen, furthermore there is no collection of the user's geographic location.

Wow! Hintergrund

At first sight, the user can be impressed by the adorable illustrations an joyful learning games, so that it mainly covers the wow effect. The enthusiasm can be long lasting because of the various opportunities of the games. They can be played for quite a long time, especially the creative game, where the user can colour the characters of the app. Furthermore the app arouses the curiosity on animals of the safari like lions, giraffes, monkeys etc.

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