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In a Nutshell

A nice and colorful app with three educative minigames for preschool kids.


„Kids Socks Plus“ is an app, which contains a collection of three educative minigames for preschool kids. Besides the classic “Kids Socks” game (“Match”), where your kid has to match different pairs of clothes (socks, underpants, t-shirts and dresses), there are two other minigames. In the first one, which is called “Memory”, your kid has to find the clothes from the upper rope in the bottom one. In the second game, which is called “Count”, your kid has to count the socks in the rope and select the relevant number.


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„Kids Socks Plus“ is a colorful and educative app for preschool kids, which is easy to understand. The topic of the app (hanging clothes on a rope) is connected to the living-environment of the children. All in all “Kids Socks Plus” is a recommendable app for kids.


Hier ist Platz für eure Podcasts (toll wären Stimmen von Kindern zu der App) oder eure Erfahrungen mit der App.


Alter der Zielgruppe

Toddler (2-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: Mimoteo

Release Date: July, 2nd 2013

Reviewed Version: 2.8

Software Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher

Plattform(s): Android

Link zur App: Kids Socks Plus (Android)

Price: with costs (1,20€)

Language(s): English


  • Make
other: match, count
  • Play
Learn; Words/Numbers; Memory


Language, Hobby

Detailed Review


„Kids Socks Plus“ educates and entertains your kid by dropping some pieces of clothes into the correct position on a clothesline by finding matches, playing memory or count pieces. The “Match” game boosts fine motor skills by moving the pieces and drop them into the correct position. Furthermore it encourages cognitive thinking by locating the fitting pieces and matching them. The topic of hanging clothes on a rope is connected to the kids living environment. Maybe they are able to help their mothers next time in real live. In the “Memory” game the kids have to use their memory skills to remember the right position. The third minigame (“Count”) boosts the counting skills of the kids. The kids have the opportunity to touch the pieces of clothes to hear the sound of the particular number.

Subjects: math; calculating
School Types: Preschool

Special Needs Hintergrund

The app is not especially configured for kids with special needs, but it has the possibility to lower the level of difficulty by choosing the “baby mode”. With that “baby mode” you have the possibility in the “Match” game to just touch the pieces to make a match, so you don’t have to drop them anymore.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

“Kids Socks Plus” is designed for preschool kids. The “baby mode” gives even little toddlers the possibility to play the “Match” game. The navigation of the app is very easy and it is not necessary to be able to read, when you use the games “Match” or “Memory”. The “Count” game is addressed to older preschool kids, which are able to read numbers from one to ten.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The app is very easy to find in the play store and with 1,20 € not very expensive. It has an unique and colorful design, which activates preschool kids. Correct actions are highlighted by spoken praise, like “wow” or applause. The three games are indeed very simple designed, but that’s one of the reasons why the app is very adequate for young preschool kids and toddlers. The possibility to choose between three different minigames prevent that the kids feel bored too fast. The app reviews by the users in the play store are mainly positive.

Gender Hintergrund

„Kids Socks plus“ has a very gender-neutral design. The backgrounds behind the clotheslines change during the different games (sky, space, city). Nevertheless the topic (hanging clothes on a rope) can maybe attract “femme-users” more than “butch-users”.

Usability Hintergrund

Because of its intuitional design the app is very usable for young kids. It has no help button or tutorial, but this is not necessary in that case. The three games are very easy to understand, even for the youngest ones. The “baby modes” gives very young toddlers, which are not able to drop the pieces, the possibility to play the “Match” game. Furthermore you have the possibility to adjust the level of difficulty in a menu by choosing, which clothes should be part of the game (socks, underpants, t-shirts and dresses.

Social Media Hintergrund

The app is not connected to social media networks.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

The app includes only one advertisement on its homepage. There are two buttons with links. One of them is connected to the web page of mimoteo, where you can find a shop with clothes and fan articles. The other link opens more mimoteo games in the google play store. Every buy in the play store is secured with the individual google account password, so kids are not able to download apps with costs without having the password.

Safety Hintergrund

There is no child-proof lock for the links of the homepage. The kids could easily visit the play store and the mimoteo shop by opening the links. Apart form that the app is very child-friendly designed and there are no further risks for the kids.

Reliability Hintergrund

There is not much further information about the app developer neither in the play store nor on the web page. On the web page you can only find links to the play store and to the mimoteo shop.

Privacy Hintergrund

You don’t need to accept special authorities to use the app. It is possible to use the app offline as well.

Wow! Hintergrund

The wow-factor in this app is moderate, because the three minigames are designed very simple. Nevertheless especially little toddlers could have light bulb moments while playing the app, for example because of the connection to the living environment of the children.

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