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In a Nutshell

In a world of robots, the user can help the little robot Josef to find his friend.


In a world, where every creature is a robotic, the user attends the little robot Josef for instance to find his girlfriend. She was hijacked by outlaws and is captured in a tower. On his way, Josef has to persist some adventures.

The user has to try out every step by his own. There is no guidance, only some suggestions.


Robots 4.png

This game has very affectionating design and abduces the user in a different world. It overflows with many little details and banters the player for trying out every feasibility. He has to think lateral and to make sense of how somethink could work.


Alter der Zielgruppe

USK: 0

Pegi: 7

Elementary School (6-10 Jahre)
Pre-Teen (10-12 Jahre)

Children under 8 years might not understand the story line and so they will get bored soon. Furthermore the arrangement is very cheerless and can alienate younger children.

Key Data

Developer: Amanita Design

Release Date: updated June 2013

Reviewed Version: 1.6.13

Software Requirement: Android 2.2 / IOS 4.3 / Windows Vista / Mac OS X or more

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC

Link to App: Machinarium

Price: costs 5,00 €

Language(s): english, russian, german, italian


  • Make
Music, puzzle, build, hear, code
  • Play
Strategy, Roleplay; Learn; Quiz; Words/Numbers; Adventure-; Memory; Puzzle


Society, Art, Hobby, Technology;

Detailed Review


The app is for the main part a game, by dissolving the task the logical reasoning might get exercised. The game has a story line and after every chapter the player gets a new assignemt.

After downloading the app, it can be used offline. The progress of the game can be stored, so that it can be used by different users with different level. It can not be used by multi users at the same time and there is no highscore.

Subjects: Art; Technique
School Types: Secondary

Special Needs Hintergrund

There is no code of practise for this game. Every step has to be tried out, there is no role how the respective tasks can be solved. This might be difficult for children with limited fine motor skills and/ or attention span.

Futhermore, there are many little details, which are sometimes hard to see.

This app works without any written or spoken language; it only uses symbols so it can be used for example by peolpe with textblindness.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

This game is confered by USK right to use by children for every age rating.

But the story line and the arrangement is not adequate for children under 6 years. The whole robotic-world is very abstract and differs to the normal world, the children use to know. Anymore there is no timecontrolle-function and even to closure one chapter, the user can need hours.

Attraktiveness Hintergrund

This app got very good appraisals in journals and blogs. The arrangements and possible approachs are suprising and animate to go on with this game. Unfortunately there is no assistance for difficult assignemts.

Gender Hintergrund

The main-character is a (male) robot - Jakob. The sex of the characters is constituted by symbols like hats, skirts and the sounds of the (robot)voices. In some parts, the user can also take over the part of the female friend of Jakob.

The design is very dark but calm, with appeasing sounds and does not assign to any special gender. To handle the tasks, mathematical thinking is utile.

Usability Hintergrund

To use this app, the player does not need fluency- or reading-skills, because it works only with symbols. Some defiances are difficult, so the user needs to think outside the box. There is no facility to define a level or to get help.

Social Media Hintergrund

The app itself does not offer the possibilty to connect the user to any socila media. At the homepage the user can send a tweet or give a g+. There is no comparison chart to match with other players.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

After buying the app, there are no more commercial elements to find. There is no advertising or productplacement.

Safety Hintergrund

The age-suggestion might be much to young because children under 8 years might get scared by the cheerless design. Older user in turn can spend to much time with this game. The privacy protection is satisfying.

Reliability Hintergrund

The discription of the app is not very significant, but the hole game has to be detected by the user. The information about the producer are easy to find. The app can not be used together with other players.

Privacy Hintergrund

To use this app, it has to be bought in the playstore or other stores with the respective guidelines. There is no "adults-mode" and no age check except at the stores.

Wow! Hintergrund

The storytelling in this app is very good. There are little narratives, which appear after some chapters to show the user his next mission. Furthermore the navigation is very cutting-edge because there are so many little details to find, which can be put up, layed down or sticked together. The user has to learn by trial and error, how many facilities he has. PC

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