Petterssons Erfindungen- The inventions of Petterson

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27 challenging inventions can be assemled with creativity and reason
Petterson explains the task that need to be solved: "Drag the items to the invention and try to figure out where everything should go"....
...Help the bird take a shower
For each finished device the user receives a gearwheel. All collected gearwheels are needed for the final invention to be built...
Findus´aircraft for flying into space.

In a Nutshell

The inventions of Petterson and Findus – a tricky assemblage puzzle.


Findus wants to fly into space. However, before he can take off, a few nifty inventions have to be made. In the 25 levels and the two extra levels of this game, pieces have to be assembled to build a functioning machine. For each completed machine you will get a reward.. the collection of gearwheels will be needed for Findus´ aircraft.


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A tricky game for practicing logical reasoning and being creative. Loading individual levels may take over 10 seconds, during which the screen will remain black.


Podcast with Anna (7 year´s old)

Podcast with Mathi (13 year´s old)

Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)
Elementary School (6-10 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: Filimundus AB

Release Date: 2012

Reviewed Version: 1.5.

Software Requirements: ¡OS 5.0 or more recent

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: subject to a a charge

Language(s): English. German, Swedish


  • Make
puzzle, build
  • Play
Strategy, Learn, Puzzle



Detailed Review


This app trains the ability to reason logically and to be creative through building invented devices. Individual building blocks can be positioned in the correct place to make the device operative by going through a trial and error process. A lever can run the construction at any time and thus helps determining whether the device is operative yet. The complexity of the devices to be build increases at each level. After finishing the game, each level can be repeated individually, which guarantees learning success.

Subjects: This app attracts interest in mechanics and physics. However, previous knowledge of mechanics and physics does not guarantee successful experiments, since all invented devices are fictitious. Thus, it may be difficult to build on school content and the children´s individual life experience. Individual building blocks assume their final shape only after being chosen.
School Types: Preschool / Primary

Special Needs Hintergrund

According to your description of this app, it is not built for children with special needs. However, due to its encouragement of trial and error, it can definitely be used for practicing creativity and logic. Furthermore, motor skills are being trained through moving the items independently. A help option enables checking on the functionality of the created device. The degree of difficulty may be adjusted in advance and prevents choosing wrong items.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

This app had been created for kindergarten and elementary level (recommended age 4+). The game is being explained by Petterson in child-oriented language with a Swedish accent to enable kindergarten level children without reading abilities to operate it independently. The symbols used within the game are self-explanatory. However, older kids enjoy the funny characters and tricky tasks just as much.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The app is easy to find at the store and features detailed and sufficient descriptions. 27 inventions in total can be assembled with creativity and reason. The level of difficulty increases in each level of the game – some devices are a bit more complicated – thus, it stays tricky and exciting. Unfortunately, actively inventing new devices is not being encouraged in the game; rather, finding pieces and assembling them correctly is what counts. As the title “Petterson´s Inventions” indicates, the game is only revolving around his existing inventions.

Gender Hintergrund

Design and content of this app rather addresses butch users. The main characters Petterson, the old inventor and creator of devices, and Findus, the young and bright cat with silly ideas, are both male characters. The app overall encourages mathematical, rational reasoning and thus rather addresses butch users.

Usability Hintergrund

When starting the app, the user faces the option of using button „i“, for changing the settings and viewing instructions and functionalities. Before the individual levels start, Petterson explains the task that needs to be solved. The use of the app is simple and the symbols for operating the game are well-adjusted to the addressed age level and its corresponding motor skills. The animated characters and animals and their vocal expressions are hilarious and the background music creates a great game atmosphere, which could be more varied, though. Loading the individual levels may take longer than 10 seconds at times, during which the screen remains black. For children and impatient adults, this is clearly too long. The app can be paused at any time and resumed at a later time.

Social Media Hintergrund

This app´s information section refers to the producer´s Facebook page. However, a direct link to it in the app is not applicable.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

Using the app is subject to a charge. The welcome page features a button showing Pippi Longstocking´s face, which leads to other games by the same developer.

Safety Hintergrund

The app´s description at the store says that it is suitable for children age 4 and older. It also provides information on the app´s content for parents. The app does not include contents unsuitable for children, but it does refer to other games of the same developer through the Pippi Longstocking button.

Reliability Hintergrund

The descriptions provide information on the app´s content as well as age restrictions. The app seems trustworthy, since it receives positive feedback from the community. Under “Information”, the names of all developers of the app are listed, and the producer can be contacted via Facebook. Petterson and Findus by illustrator Sven Nordqvist belong to the most popular Swedish children book charakters and, thus, function as flagships for this app. More Petterson games by the same developer can be found at the app store.

Privacy Hintergrund

The app can only be installed through the App Store and an authorized Apple-ID. After purchasing the app, it does not request more information, and there is no option for registering as user.

Wow! Hintergrund

The inventions are tricky and fun and have to be assembled using creativity and reason. For each finished device the user receives a gearwheel from the animated and funny Petterson speaking with a Swedish accent. All collected gearwheels are needed for the final device to be built: Findus´ aircraft for flying into space. This app creates a fun explorer atmosphere and builds enthusiasm.

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