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In a Nutshell

An instructive, colorful puzzle app full of variety which entertains!


In this nicely designed puzzle app kids solve simple puzzles by dragging the brightly colored pieces into the correct positions. Many of the puzzles are letters and numbers, along with preschool favorites, like animals and music instruments. When a puzzle is solved, it transforms, an animation comes up and a voice rings out. A “13″ puzzle, for example, becomes the number 13 plus a picture of 13 trees, with a voice pronouncing the number 13. A tuba becomes a detailed picture of a tuba with a snippet of tuba music, plus a voice saying the word “tuba.”


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Cute graphics, awesome sound effects and the professional voice recording of the word spoken by a licensed speech therapist that specializes in early child development, makes this award winning app a favorite among thousands of preschoolers. 146 super puzzles with wonderful surprising animations, which motivate children to play again and learn additionally about terms, numbers, signs, fruits, music instruments, animals and more. A wonderful App that stimulate to play together with parents.


Hier ist Platz für eure Podcasts (toll wären Stimmen von Kindern zu der App) oder eure Erfahrungen mit der App.

Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Kindergarten (3-6 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: Murtha Design Inc.

Release Date: 01-24-2012

Reviewed Version: 1.3.0

Software Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher (available for iOS 4.3 or higher)

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, this App is optimized for iPhone 5

Link zur App: Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle (Android)

Price: Kostenpflichtig (0,79 €)

Language(s): English


  • Make
puzzle, move, dropp, build, hear
  • Play
Learn, Puzzle, Words/Numbers


Education, Culture, Language

Detailed Review


Shape Builder educates and entertains your little ones with easy to move five to ten shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. It encourages cognitive thinking (locate the pieces) and fine motor skills (move the pieces and drop them into the correct position) plus exposes young minds to new music instruments, animals, objects and the alphabet in a fun and engaging format with lots of sound effects. Finally it trains the listening comprehension, the pronunciation and the lexicon of your child.

Special Needs Hintergrund

The app is not configured especially for people with special needs, that is way it has no option for individual changes of the handling.

Target Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle is a rated game which has an recommended age limit (6) and minimum age (3). On some websites and certain reviews you can find a recommended minimum age of two as well. To fully understand the instructions and play without an adult, the recommended mininum age of three is comprehensable and adequate on account of the fact that this app abstains from text. Even for the older children it is an interesting app because of the huge spectrum of diversity. Unfortunately there are not any operating agents to adjust different degrees of difficulty, the levels change in their difficulty automaticly. There is no option for parents to change the game settings.


The app has a very unique colorful design, is not expensive (0,79 €), the title and logo are appealing and child-friendly and most of all it is very entertaining. Children learn a lot about everything (animals, music instruments, numbers, occupations ...) while having fun locating the right pieces, moving them und building a complete puzzle. The animations, colors and sounds are very manifold, so children won't feel bored. Children learn with different senses (see, touch, listen) that trains their sensory perception. In this regard it is very attractive that this app is spoken by a licensed speech therapist (Jill Dews) that specializes in early child development. So children learn the pronunciation accurately. Design, music and sound chime together very well. The reviews are mainly positive and above all it is an award winning app. (Children’s Technology Review’s Editor's Choice Awards are given to only the highest quality children’s products in the interactive media category).

Gender Hintergrund

Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle was created to be attractive to all genders equally. The backround color of the homegage is yellow and orange, which is gender neutral. Finally the colors of every backround and the pieces change during the different puzzles. The sounds and objects are gender neutral as well, but for the pronouncing voice which is feminine.

Usability Hintergrund

The game is very easy to understand. There is no specific “help” button or tutorial, but there are several video explanations online. In addition it is so simple to use that any explanation - even for the youngest ones - is not necessary. Nevertheless there is no possibilty to adjust any degree of difficulty and you cannot play the same puzzle directly again. A good advantage is that there is not any flaw while using the app.

Social Media Hintergrund

This App is not connected to the social media networks Facebook, Twitter or a Scoreloop community.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

The App includes just an advertisment of the company at the homepage (a button: "learn about Drawing Pad" which transfers to google play store and the mentioned app by the same developer Murtha Design Inc.) Unfortunately this button is not removable. At large this app is free of ads which is very child-friendly and allows to go on playing without being interupted by commercial.

Safety Hintergrund

On account of the fact that the app is made specifically for kids, there are added safety options. The child cannot easily click on commercials, purchase special features or connect to social networks. More over every buy over google play store is secured with the individual google account password, so children cannot buy apps without this information.

Reliability Hintergrund

The developers Darren Murtha and Chris Lott have a homepage where users can find important information about the company, the games, support, reviews and parent feedback, as well as watch great videos of all the games on offer. ( Finally it is possible to subscribe a newsletter. It is impressive that the founders of Murtha Design Inc. have got six award winnig apps in their assortment. They love developing high quality apps for children and are dedicated to creating software that delivers an amazing user experience.

Privacy Hintergrund

Unfortunately at the homepage or at google play store there is not any privacy policy that explains how the company collects, uses and protects the users information.

Wow! Hintergrund

It is comprehensable that Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle is an award winning app: Total of 146 puzzles, 30 music instruments with sound effects, animals highlighted with awesome sound effects, letters spoken in a funny way, numbers - 1 ball, 2 flowers, 3 turtles... up to 20 ladybugs, fruits and vegetables and other fun items like firetruck and police officer wait for your children to be discovered. Children will love to play this app due to the fact that it is very child-friendly, colorful, surprising, informative, funny and entertaining. Kids can increase their vocabulary, learn some phonics through letter puzzles, and learn to associate spoken names with written words. Shape Builder is a fine-tuned and varied preschooler puzzle app with room for more learning. So learning English as a second language can be fun with Shape Builder too. Even parents will love to play with their children this great app.

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