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In a Nutshell

Lovingly designed application to sing along and have fun!


"Songs for kids" is a multifunctional app for primary school children: you can listen to the fourteen popular children songs and sing along, record your singing, learn to play piano, leran vocabulary with the help of interactive illustrations, play ABC-Games, puzzle, coloring pictures and then save and share them with your friends.


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An entertaining and colorful App for learning by playing. It is easy to understand and to operate.
The only weakness of the program is an unsecured link to the Appstore directly on the start page.


Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Elementary School (6-10 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: VCNC

Release Date: 24.08.2012

Reviewed Version: 1.0.4

Software Requirements: iOS 3.2 and higher

Plattform(s): iPad

Link to store: Songs for Kids (iOS)

Price: Free

Language(s): English


  • Make: Music, puzzle, draw, hear, play piano, sing, record
  • Play: Puzzle, Maze
  • Read: Poetry


Culture, Language, Music

Detailed Review


Subjects: Music, Reading, Art, English
School Types: Primary school

"Songs for Kids" supports multidimensional the development of a feeling for rhythm and musicality. The user can be actively creative through the app: for example by recording their singing, playing piano or coloring pictures. Visual, auditiv and tactile senses are all addressed by the app.

Special Needs Hintergrund

The App do not expressly aimed at user with specially needs. The easy way to operate the program and the possibility to use it in many various ways and on different difficulty levels, however, make it suitable for children of diverse stage of development.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Target group (Elementary School children) can use the app without the help of adults. The actual play time and amount of content are adequate and can be individually regulated. There is no possibility to control the content in any way.

Attraktiveness Hintergrund

The app is easy to find on the iTunes, free and appealing designed. The tasks are comprehensive and contently good balanced. The app likely to be used again due to the different functions and usage possibilities. Design, sound, content, and language match and the program is easy to operate. The app is build on familiar children songs, so there is the connection to the daily-life.

Gender Hintergrund

The Application is oriented on both - butch and femme - user. Content, illustrations, language and interface are gender neutral: We find different characters, colors and voices.

Usability Hintergrund

There is no technical introduction or explanatory tutorial by starting the app. However, the control system of the program is clearly arranged and self-explanatory: all navigation elements are placed in an adequate range from each other and can be found easily at any time.

Social Media Hintergrund

"Songs for Kids" is not connected to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc. ). However there is a possibility to share users pictures with others per E-Mail.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

Application do not include pop-up-advertisements, banners or in-app-byings. On the start page, however, there is a directly link to the Appstore, that can not be deactivated.

Safety Hintergrund

The App itself does not contain child-inappropriate elements, In-App-Purchases or Premium-SMS. However there is an unsecured link to the Appstore. The App come from a verified App Store and is free from Viruses. There is no possibility for parents to block functions of the app or regulate the content.

Reliability Hintergrund

In the information section you can find short data about developer: "Value creators & company" (the producer of mobile applications) and "Jigyungsa" (one of Korea's leading publishers of children's books). Further facts can be found on the homepage.

Privacy Hintergrund

You do not have to accept any privacy clauses or go through approvals/authorizations in order to install or use the app.

Wow! Hintergrund

While using the App Wow-Factor can occur through the children's own actions - for example by discovering the interactive illustrations or recording own singing and then listening to it. This enthusiasm can continue for a long period of time, because children have a big deal of possibilities how to use the app and stay creative.

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