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In a Nutshell

An extensive, diversified, motivational and individual training application for mathematical learning content.


Fluency in various mathematical skills like place value, number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication facts, division facts, time, customary measurements, metric measurements, geometry, data and probability, fractions, decimals, multiplication, division and money can be honed through training.


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This app offers wide and varied exercises that can help strengthen mathematical skills. The app has an appealing and compelling design for children and is also easily personalized. The exercises are easy to comprehend, but unfortunately, the introduction, navigation and assistance are not sufficiently oriented towards children.


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Catalogue Data

Age of Target-Group

Elementary School (8-10)

Key Data

Developer: StudyPad, Inc.

Release Date: 2011

Reviewed Version: 4.6.0

Software Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later

Plattform(s): iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Link to store: Splash Math Grade 3 (iOS)


Language(s): Englisch


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Jump-and-run; Strategy, Board- and Cardgame; Roleplay; Learn; Quiz; Words/Numbers; Adventure-; Memory; Puzzle”



Detailed Review


The purpose of the app is to strengthen mathematical skills. The app takes account of the user’s individual level, so task types can be adjusted individually. Content can be selected and options for specific numerical series, number of questions, type of answer, timed response, and question difficulty can all be set by the user. The task structure appeals to users’ visual and tactile senses, whereas the auditory task component is available but not as extensive. The audio settings are limited to background music/ effects and the app lacks the option to play instructions out loud. Errorfeedback is given, but answers are not corrected. Some sections give users the option to repeat the task. At the end of each section, users can inspect correct and incorrect responses, but no additional guidance is given for finding the correct answer. The scores are organized visually in order to give feedback to children as well as their parents and teachers. The utilization of the app in class is possible and content for study can be set by parents and teachers. The option to receive progress reports via email gives parents and teachers insight into the user’s learning progress.

Special Needs Hintergrund

The app is not designed for children with special needs.

Target Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

Overall the app is designed in an age appropriate manner. In a separate and marked section parents can adjust settings such as: email reports, data backup on cloud, background music, sound effects, practice reminders, number of questions, chapter hardness, performance summary and history. Further information to the content can be found on http://studypadinc.com/.

Attractiveness Hintergrund

The app’s design, scoring, content and language are all themed and well matched to the target age group. Because the app utilizes a user-inputted name and gender, the user feels personally addressed. The mathematical exercises are Aquarium-themed, as is the general design of the app, giving the app an appealing aesthetic coherency. The tasks are elaborate yet easy to understand, as well as visually appealing. The auditory support that can selectively be activated is sufficient and helpful, though not necessary for comprehension.

Gender Hintergrund

Initially, name and gender can be entered. However, structure, content and design are gender-neutral and do not change with the entered information.

Usability Hintergrund

The interface and support within the tasks are very easy to use and to understand and are designed age appropriately. Users can work on the exercises autonomously. Introduction, support, navigation and reward sections exist but are less comprehensive. During the game, there are buttons to end the game or change task settings, and are difficult to press by accident. Different users can be set up, each with their own separate history and scoreboards.

Social Media Hintergrund

There is no possibility to contact other people through social media.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

The Start Menu includes interactive characters that prompt users to touch and explore. The figures then link to advertisements for other apps by the developer, as well as access to the Appstore. A password is needed for purchase. There are no advertisements in the learning area. The parents’ section includes a form for giving feedback to the app developer. Furthermore, a pre-formulated email makes it easy to recommend the app to others.

Safety Hintergrund

The app has excellent security. Within the app, only age appropriate content is conveyed, and it is impossible to use the app to view inappropriate content.

Reliability Hintergrund

The Appstore, the domain (http://studypadinc.com/) and the free version of the app make the services offered very clear. In addition the app includes a blog, reviews, and frequently asked questions, as well as the developer’s free contact information. Upon opening the app, the user can either accept or decline push messages that prompt the user to play.

Privacy Hintergrund

Prior to game play, the app prompts users to enter their name and gender. Parents and teachers can get regular updates on learning scores of the user if they specify their email- addresses, but even without this data the app can be used. The app’s conditions of use and privacy policy are included, but concealed. Data is saved for statistical reasons but is not forwarded to third parties.

Wow! Hintergrund

The app takes the (usually boring) study of mathematics and transforms it with a variety of visually captivating tasks. A unique reward system also allows users to collect points throughout the learning process and spend the points on upgrading the aquarium, adding new fish, purchasing food, and so forth. The reward system also includes a separate environment (a “room”) in which users can explore, play, and learn a little bit about fish and other sea dwellers. This room provides a break for the user and after each unit the user can choose to either continue solving math problems or explore the reward room. In addition, the app includes a virtual notepad that can be opened parallel to the task and resized as needed, which is useful for showing work and handwritten calculations.

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