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In a Nutshell

A simple way to piece together a puzzle and get to know Winnie the Pooh.


With this puzzle book you can put together many puzzles and listen to the story of the famous bear Winnie the Pooh. It is build like a book and the topic is to find the honey pots from Winnie the Pooh. A beautiful way for kids to do puzzles.


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A very good disney app and easy to handle for little kids. The pictures and the story are nice and they learn how to make different puzzles.


Catalogue Data

Age of target-group

Kindergarten (4-6 Jahre)

Key Data

Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications © 2010 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Release Date: 06.07.2013

Reviewed Version: 1.4 Software Requirements: iOS 5.1

Plattform(s): Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,

Link to Store: Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Book (iOS)

Price: 0,89 € Kostenpflichtig

Language(s): English


  • Make
Music, puzzle, hear, search

  • Read:
Fantasy; Picture Book


z.B.: Nature

Other: Fantasy

Detailed Review


The app can be used off-line and no registration is necessary. The duties are laid out only for a player and allow many different perception possibilities like read and hear. Mistakes within the play are made visibly and one receives over and over again the opportunity to do the task right. The puzzles are fixed, nevertheless, one can repeat every play. Another job in the app is to be found it the honey pots which are hidden in every picture. Thus the children learn to be attentive and to count. After every play the child will further close motivated.

Special Needs Hintergrund

For the app no particular conveyor need is given and she is not aimed especially for children with specially needs. Nevertheless, she has an very easy structure and with the understandable jobs (puzzles) she is slightly accessible. With the help of the app skill-basic abilities like perception are promoted by forms and colours. In spite of that no special settings can be carried out like a degree of difficulty.

Taregt Group and Age-AppropriatenessHintergrund

The navigation is simple and easy to grasp, because one reaches directly by a click to the next puzzle. The app can be played without help of an adult and the duties are measured for the age (from 4 years. There is only one variation of the plays, it are possible for no changes. The real playing time and the size of the puzzles are measured according to the age.

Attraktiveness Hintergrund

There is the app only as an app liable for costs and is well discoverable in the app store. The contents fulfil to the interests of the target group. The child is able passed away puzzles make and the history hears and let from Winnie the Pooh. The app owns many good elements (hear/read/puzzle) and entrancedly with nice illustrations of Winnie the Pooh. The history motivates the child to the play and searches. At the end of the play the child has a sense of achievement. After repeated play the child becomes more skilled and possibly loses to motivation, because the duties do not change. However, for the child it is a nice and creative jigsaw puzzle app of a history behind it. Moreover, the child can repeat the sentences in the history and take up its voice and become therefore a part of the history.

Gender Hintergrund

The shaping and the contents are held gender-neutral. However, Winnie Pooh is a male bear what is based, however, on the film of the same name.

Usability Hintergrund

The app is easy to understand and to play. One reaches on every book page a menu strip. Here the child can look at the single sides. It can repeat the sentences and take up its voice. Its email address is also to be left possibly to receive always the newest information about the many Disney Book Apps. To every puzzle there is a sentence which is a part of the history. The puzzle parts spread, so that the picture is not to be seen. The child receives no introduction, the structure is selfexplicatory. The sentences at the side and the songs help in the understanding of the history.

Social Media Hintergrund

There are no Social media integration in this app. Moreover, no personal dates are raise.

Commercial Elements Hintergrund

In the menu strip one has to give the possibility its email address for new information about disney book apps. An other one form to the advertisement there is not. No data are automatically collected. The play success depends merely on solving the duties. No additional contents which raise the play success can be bought.

Safety Hintergrund

The app contains no foreign advertisement and contains contents only appropriate for children. However, the child can givedeclare the email address without aid of the parents. There is no additional hurdle which blocks this function.

Reliability Hintergrund

The name of the app is unequivocal and one can produce a connection with the contents. The publisher is known and has put on the market several Disney book apps. The functions of the app are exactly described in the Appstore and a concrete age information is provided also. The assessments on the Internet are mostly positive.

Privacy Hintergrund

The Winnie the Pooh puzzle book shares or collects no personal informations, contains no recruitment, no in app purchases and no social media integration.

Wow! Hintergrund

The searches of the honey pots in the plays are a "Wow"effect. The search motivates the child the puzzle to play.

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